HSFSE – ‘Health Equality for the South East’ Needs Help

We are asking you to support:

  • Our right to receive equitable healthcare.
  • Our right to receive full regional health services at UHW.
  • Our right to timely treatment for citizens suffering a heart attack in the southeast.
  • We are calling on the Government to implement immediately and fully the Health Policy described as the ‘Higgins Proposals’ which was adopted by Government and the Department of Health in 2013 in developing Hospital Groups structure. The immediate implementation of Governance structures were promised to ensure fairness in service and resource allocation and ‘parity of esteem’ in group decision making between group hospitals – this has not been actioned to date and is clearly lacking in terms of service provision and strategic decision making .

Why the South East is being failed by  the Government

The failure of Government to implement the Higgins Report fully as was initially agreed by the previous administration.

HSE Management, Group CEO and Senior Department of Health officials follow a health delivery model and allocation of resources largely of their choosing.

These have not been based exclusively on the clinical recommendations promoted within Higgins and to which group hospitals signed up.

These clinical recommendations are also supposed to be those to which the group CEO and hospital management are beholding – recent initiatives announced have demonstrated this is clearly not the case.