We are HEFSE

We represent the children, adults, citizens of this region, of this republic:

  • We are taxpayers and contributors to the national exchequer.
  • We demand equal rights to healthcare access as is afforded to every other region of this country.
  • We are standing up for our rights to equal access to basic healthcare, which is afforded to the rest of the country.

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Use of Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 117 in past days to transfer a heart attack patient

The use of Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 117 in past days to transfer a heart attack patient from University Hospital Waterford  to Cork University Hospital yet again demonstrates the need for a 24/7 Cardiac service in the South East region. The transfer times alone are far in excess of the clinical standard given the need for aircraft re-tasking and the requirement to access non hospital campus landing sites due to the aircraft size – this contributes to excessive treatment delay and sub optimal health outcomes. The contracted Coast Guard helicopter service (5 Sikorsky S-92’s) costs the state 68 million euro […]

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Why the people of the southeast are being put at risk

The Cardiac Cath Lab at University Hospital Waterford (UHW) serves over 500,000 people across the southeast but only operates Monday – Friday, 9 – 5pm. All other regions in the country have 24/7 cardiac cover and Cath Lab access. Patients in the southeast who suffer heart attacks after 5pm cannot access a Cath Lab in UHW or anywhere else within the 90 minute recommended window.

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HSFSE – ‘Health Equality for the South East’ Needs Help

We are asking you to support:

  • Our right to receive equitable healthcare.
  • Our right to receive full regional health services at UHW.
  • Our right to timely treatment for citizens suffering a heart attack in the southeast.
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PFO Messages from the Department of Health and Minister Harris to the people of the South East have been received loud and clear - 1. Despite having the business case for 5 weeks to replace a diagnostic lab on site with a full modular Cath Lab for similar cost that can deal immediately with all patients on the emergency list Minister Harris says PFO - Re continuing to operate below the national cardiac standard of two labs to deal with emergency cases - PFO. Re hospital inpatients waiting 9 days for emergency lab access - PFO. Waiting for delivery of a promised regional review - PFO. Publishing ACS report into South east service completed Nov 17 - Doubly PFO! We hear you Minister - you'll soon be hearing us! ... See MoreSee Less

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If you are attending Walsh Park today please adopt Hand On Heart at the playing of the anthem to show you support your right to health equality in the South East - 24/7 Cardiac Care for the South East now! ... See MoreSee Less

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The South East Oireachtas members report card from meeting with Simon Harris Feb 14th -
1. Deliver immediately service 'On Par' as per your recent statement post last meeting - Grade awarded - 'F'
2. Implement replacement modular lab to immediately service the emergency list patients - Grade awarded - 'F'
3. Secure regional review date as per commitments given by Taoisach and Minister of Heath - Grade awarded - 'F'
4. Ensure rights of South East citizens to emergency access at UHW extend beyond the present 39 hrs service - Grade awarded - 'F'
Assessment - not much to say - report speaks for itself!

Test Master - Minister Harris Report Card -
1. Wipe floor with South East TDs and Senators - Grade awarded - A+
2. Disregard health spending and obvious savings from south east service - Grade awarded - 'A'
3. Put junior Ministers attending 'back in box' - Grade awarded - 'A+'
4. Ensure progression of health policy to bolster Dublin & Cork Centres with south east patients flows - Grade awarded - 'A+'
Assessment - Outstanding performance particularly in light of the weight of evidence supporting the South East case!
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Catheterisation Labs (cath labs) are facilities in which these services are delivered

  • Diagnostic coronary angiograms
  • Percutaneous coronary interventions (stents)
  • Pacemaker implants
  • Defibrillator implants
  • Loop Recorder & Pacemaker Interrogation
  • Balloon valvuloplasty for narrowed heart valves
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